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About Us

Our Mission

We believe that real estate can improve people’s lives by meeting human needs and aspirations, from creating a safe, thriving environment called home, to creating wealth and financial freedom through investing. Helping people meet these needs and offering them the best service possible while doing so is our mission.

Philosophically speaking, we, through our wide range of services, aim to maximize people’s pleasure and minimize their pain, so they can move on to the next chapter of their lives with complete peace of mind.

Day in, day out, this mission fuels our agents’ tank and this is WHY we show up every day, wholeheartedly.

Our Core Values

  1. Prioritize relationships over transactions
  2. Wow clients with uncompromising personalized service
  3. Treat everyone with respect and kindness
  4. Keep our promises
  5. Involve others in the problem and work out a solution together
  6. Always speak the truth even when it’s inconvenient
  7. Help generously and without thought of return
  8. Give back to the community
  9. Continue education to better ourselves
  10. Compete only against ourselves

Our Promise to our Clients:

  • L’ A G E N C E promise is to make buying and selling real estate a pleasurable and memorable experience for ALL.
  • We focus on creating moments for our clients and providing them with the best service they deserve.
  • Our realtors are NEVER too busy for their clients.
  • We will always make it right by our clients.
  • Once a client, always a client.

Our Promise to our Agents:

  • At L’ A G E N C E, we invest in our realtors, train them to be marketers, and teach them our winning processes and systems.
  • We help our agents invest in real estate early so they can seek financial freedom and build wealth.
  • We provide our agents with education in real estate investing, tax strategy, and wealth management.
  • We teach our agents to design their business to support their lifestyle, so they never need to take a vacation from their business.
  • We encourage our realtors to invest in self-growth and self-care. We provide life, fitness, and intimacy coaches and we offer a yearly retreat in a dreamy destination.